Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rip my Heart Out

I have just a moment to say goodbye while passing through.

I hold him as long as I can. I play with her as much as you can in just a few moments.

I hug them, kiss them. Tell them I will see them next week.

He climbs in my car before I can stop him...'I come wit you, mommy'

I kiss him, set him on the porch next to his wonderful Grandma.

She holds his hand. As I run to my car and jump in I hear him yelling, LET GO! LET ME GO! I NEED MY MOMMY!

I have to hurry and close the door and drive away as fast as I can. I can't think.
There is nothing I can do. It's not my turn with my kids.

It will be soon.

You should never have to take turns with your own kids.

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